Canada’s cloud infrastructure

for IT operators – Canada’s cloud infrastructure – has many benefits for IT operations and support teams.


Stable and predictable Canadian cloud computing services that can be adjusted on-demand.

  • Eliminate noisy neighbors – our gated private cloud ensures co-tenants can’t disrupt performance by over-consuming resources
  • High-availability at every layer of our cloud infrastructure eliminates single points of failure
  • Distributed object storage subsystems make sure your data is always replicated to a minimum of three physical nodes
  • Redundant network design and services ensure you and your customers can always access your cloud

Canadian cloud infrastructure backed by a guarantee and designed to support business critical applications.

  • Committed capacity with network and resource isolation from other VPCs and tenants
  • Advanced performance optimizations with optional Citrix NetScaler
  • Blazing fast networking with 20Gbps per server and SSL offload supporting millions of concurrent connections
  • Distributed tiered SSD block storage and horizontal scaling object storage
Controlled self-serve access
  • Leverage role-based access control to manage user privileges on your cloud
  • Enable innovation while keeping control of access, costs and data
  • Create environments per project, business unit, code versions, customer, etc.
  • Provide end-users with show-back or charge-back reports and set quotas

Your cloud is ready