Canada’s cloud infrastructure

Healthcare Solutions

Customer solutions running on

  • Precision medicine
  • Genomic consulting
  • Home care
  • Pharmaceutical incident management
  • Tele-medicine
  • Digital health coordination
  • Addiction rehabilitation

Running healthcare apps on a Canadian cloud means

  • Focus on your application core competency, not on infrastructure operations
  • Support necessary compliance requirements for security, availability and data privacy/sovereignty
  • Flexibly scale as platform needs require, with predictable monthly Opex expenses vs large Capex outlays
  • Primary and backup data remain in Canada

Our key differentiators

  • Canadian data sovereignty
  • Multi-tenant and dedicated cloud infrastructure available
  • High-speed direct connect supports hybrid, multi-cloud deployments
  • Bilingual, personal support
  • SOC 2 certified

Our healthcare customers can help you keep your data safely in Canada

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