Canada’s cloud infrastructure

for developers

With – Canadian cloud infrastructure – developers can build, test and deploy applications on a highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure for web, mobile and backend solutions. Developers can focus on writing code, not on infrastructure.

Enable automation and team collaboration
  • Automation that speeds up delivery of your application
  • Full REST API coverage
  • Scale environments while maintaining configuration consistency
  • Create, save and share environments with the team and allow access based on roles
Continuous delivery and deployment
  • Make system setup obsolete and allow for quick iterations by treating infrastructure as code
  • Automate every step from code checked-in to running on production servers, every time
  • API access to perform as many infrastructure tasks as possible
Easy approval
  • Management-friendly
  • No commitment contract, pay only for what you use
  • Security and governance are non-issues with – your canadian cloud
  • A cloud solution that meets your organization’s security and Canadian data sovereignty requirements

Your cloud is ready