Application-centric cloud is Canada’s cloud for developers and operators 

Speed innovation
  • Easy-to-use self-service interface puts you in control
  • Virtual machines ready when you need them
  • The APIs you need to implement DevOps practices and continuous delivery
Simplify delivery
  • Focus on cost management instead of capacity management
  • Only pay for what you use (this is cloud!)
  • Integrate with what you already have
  • Designed to ease scaling
Secure operations
  • Mitigate business risk with our design and operations to meet resiliency, security and privacy requirements
  • Canadian cloud infrastructure owned and operated by canadian cloud provider

Canada’s cloud – Benefits

IT Operators


The tools you need, atop a framework that can grow with you but won’t lock you in.

  • Optimize costs: lease the base, rent the peaks
  • Reliable and agile
  • Transparent cost reporting
  • Canadian owned and operated



Turn up the tools and environments you need with a cloud platform that gets you coding sooner. Fast, simple, self-serve access to infrastructure services and turnkey three-tiered architectures.

  • Automation using APIs
  • Create your own sandbox
  • Fast and easy instance deployment


The hooks and APIs you need to automate everything, offering fine-grained control over capacity, performance, and dynamic resource allocation.

  • Automate everything
  • Scale capacity and performance on-demand
  • Define network tiers within your VPC network range

IT Operators

The perfect way to give your organization access to cloud infrastructure without relinquishing control or IT accountability.

  • Keep control of access, costs and data
  • High-availability at every layer
  • Leverage role-based access control
  • Performance backed by a SLA guarantee


Find out how resellers across Canada are moving to the cloud atop Become a referral partner or white label and administer your own secure clouds.

  • Redistribute resources
  • Transparent and customizable reporting
  • Competitive discounts
  • On-demand training and support

Canada’s Cloud – Pricing

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