About us: Canada’s Cloud
Infrastructure as a Service

Canadian owned and operated, cloud.ca is a self-service utility IaaS that offers personalized support 24 x 7 in both English and French.

cloud.ca’s platform works as a standalone IaaS and also fits perfectly into hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, allowing a mix of private cloud (OpenStack, Apache CloudStack) and other public cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services.

“Our mission is to provide regional cloud infrastructure for businesses relying on mission critical software and data, with a focus on automation, utility, and keeping data safe in Canada.”

Ian Rae, founder of CloudOps and cloud.ca

Our Team

Ian Rae


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Marc Pare

VP Sales & Marketing

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cloud.ca mike gero

Mike Gero

VP Product & Business Development

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Marc Gaudrault

Executive VP

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Marc Vaillancourt

Director, Software Development

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cloud.ca pierre-luc

Pierre-Luc Dion

Lead Cloud Architect

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clement cloud.ca

Clément Contini

Cloud System Administrator

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Richard Papp

Director of Business Operations

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Ian Rae, President

Ian is the founder and CEO of CloudOps, a cloud computing consulting firm that provides multi-cloud solutions for software companies, enterprises and telecommunications providers. Ian is also the founder of cloud.ca, a Canadian cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) focused on data residency, privacy and security requirements. He is a partner at Year One Labs, a lean startup incubator, and is the founder of the Centre cloud.ca in Montreal. Prior to clouds, Ian was responsible for engineering at Coradiant, a leader in application performance management.

Marc Pare, VP Sales & Marketing

Marc is responsible for driving new revenue in addition to managing the growing client base. He has 14 years of experience in the area of information technology. With a background in sales, web operations and product management he has a proven track record of success. Prior to joining CloudOps in 2012, he held the position of Field Sales Manager representing the Cloud Networking solutions at Citrix. Prior to joining Citrix, Marc had various business and technical roles over a 10-year career at Coradiant. Marc has a bachelor’s degree in MIS from Concordia University. 

cloud.ca mike gero

Mike Gero, VP Product & Business Development

Mike has over 25 years of high tech and startup experience, with more than 10 in the cloud, hosting and micro-services space. He is passionate about products, partnerships and how they benefit customers. Prior to cloud.ca, Mike headed product management for cloud hosting provider iWeb which was acquired by Internap. In his spare time, Mike enjoys the culinary delights of Montreal, craft beer, fishing, and watching his children experience life.

Marc Gaudrault, Executive VP

Marc is one of the original founders of TekSavvy. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree, Mechanical Engineering from University of Ottawa. Upon graduating from University of Ottawa Marc joined TekSavvy and has guided the growth of the company, holding many technical and management positions over the years. Today Marc is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and leads the executive team.

Marc Vaillancourt, Director, Software Development

With his background in IT consulting and various leadership positions in software development, Marc Vaillancourt has a proven track record in delivering innovative products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in MIS from the Université de Sherbrooke. Over the last 20 years, he has worked at IBM, CGI, Coradiant and BMC Software. At cloud.ca, he is leading the team responsible for the management portal.

cloud.ca pierre-luc

Pierre-Luc Dion, Lead Cloud Architect

Pierre-Luc has been at CloudOps since 2008 and is an Apache CloudStack PMC member. He is a cloud infrastructure and automation enthusiast, DevOps fan, meetup organizer, and metric collection maniac.

clement cloud.ca

Clément Contini, Cloud System Administrator

Clément recently graduated from the École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal where he got a Master’s degree in Software Engineering. His thesis focused on high availability and fault tolerance on OpenStack. At cloud.ca, he is responsibile for infrastructure management and new service implementations.

Richard Papp, Director of Business Operations

Richard has over 28 years of experience in IT. Having worked almost equally in developer and operational roles, Richard has an appreciation for the challenges faced by many SaaS companies, and the benefits that cloud IaaS offers. Richard started managing infrastructure hosting and operations 12 years ago, and has a passion for all aspects of capacity planning. He is a strong advocate of common-sense ITIL and standards compliance. Richard previously worked at Air Canada, CGI, OZ Communications, Nokia, Synchronica and Myriad and graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. In the little spare time he has, Richard enjoys volunteering to coach his kids’ soccer teams and musing about the number 42.




CloudOps and TekSavvy have joined forces to power cloud.ca. Canadian leaders in cloud building and telecommunications respectively, this joint venture delivers a full suite IaaS cloud computing for companies making the transition to the cloud.